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Missing teeth are serious problems for many people in Lakewood. Dental implants are excellent solutions for most, but some patients just aren’t good candidates for these procedures. You may have a large number of missing teeth or you might need a bone graft to make up a lack of bone density in your jaw.

These problems could add many months to your dental implant procedure. Fortunately, however, cosmetic dentist Scott Greenhalgh offers the innovative new All-On-4™ tooth replacement system.

With All-On-4, Dr. Greenhalgh can replace large numbers of missing teeth in one visit, using only four implants per jawbone.

If you live in the Lakewood, Colorado area and you want to discuss your dental implant options, please call Scott Greenhalgh, DDS at (303) 988-9060.

What is the All-On-4 procedure?

In a traditional procedure to place dental implants, our Lakewood cosmetic dentist places a titanium support rod in your jawbone. We then wait several months for the implants to fully integrate into your jaw.

This provides your dental implants with a great deal of strength and stability, but this procedure requires a strong jawbone with a great deal of structural integrity. If your jaw lacks the required bone density, you’ll require a bone graft, which takes a long time itself to fully integrate into the jaw.

With the All-on-4 procedure, we can bypass all of these concerns, as well as those regarding potential discomfort associated with a large number of dental implants for those with many missing teeth.

The All-on-4 procedure works like this:

  • After evaluating you to ensure that you are a good candidate for the All-on-4 procedure and answering all of your questions, we will begin by planting four titanium support structures in each jawbone. These implants are angled and come with a slight taper; this allows us to place them even if you lack sufficient bone density for dental implants.
  • Then, we connect a dental bridge to the implants, giving you a temporary set of replacement teeth.
  • We will then work with you to develop a permanent prosthetic option.

And that’s it. The process usually takes a day, though sometimes patients have to wait a week or so to get their replacement teeth. However, even this pales in comparison to the usual waiting time associated with dental implants.

Dr. Greenhalgh will work with you to determine if the All-On-Four procedure is the appropriate dental implant option for replacing your missing teeth.

If you live in the Lakewood, Colorado area and need dental implants, please contact Scott Greenhalgh, DDS today.

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