Do Porcelain Veneers Ever Come Off? (Part Two)

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Mon, 11/28/2011

In this series I explain what to be concerned about and how to avoid problems with veneers. Sometimes, patients considering porcelain veneers wonder if it will be a good choice because they wonder if they will have problems with them. The reality is that veneers are a great service. Veneers can be life-changing.

Yesterday I discussed the first issue of why a veneer can come off. I'll finish the series today.

Two. A veneer could come off as a result of a misaligned bite. The way the new veneers move across the other teeth has to be a finely tuned, delicate symphony. The long-term durability of the veneers has a lot to do with the precision of the bite. It's conceivable that a small imbalance in the sliding of the new veneers could catch a pressure spot and pop it off. Again, in an experienced cosmetic dentist's hands, this is highly unlikely. In fact- for this blog I am actually being generous that this is a second reason a veneer might come off. In my experience, if there is any sort of subtle bite imbalance it is more likely that a veneer may get a small chip, rather than just pop off. (so in reality, there is really only one reason veneers come off). An experienced cosmetic dentist will also be able to create the finesse that is necessary with the new veneers. It ought to feel natural, it ought to flow and slide without restriction. You ought to be able to move and slide your new porcelain veneers without thinking about it.

If you have had some sort of an issue with a porcelain veneer coming off, or are thinking that may be a reason why you wouldn't want veneers, a candid discussion with an experienced cosmetic dentist ought to allay your fears. Today's modern cosmetic dentistry is predictable and can routinely give you that smile you've always dreamed of! If you want to discuss your concerns about the veneers you have now, or are considering some porcelain veneers, feel free to contact me today.

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