Implant Dentistry Services

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Implant Dentistry Services

When performed correctly, your dental implant procedure will serve two important functions:

  • It will provide you with a durable, long lasting, replacement tooth that will function just like your natural tooth
  • It will provide you with a beautiful restoration that blends in seamlessly with your remaining natural teeth

Denver implant dentist Dr. Scott Greenhalgh understands the importance of accomplishing both goals during your dental implant procedure. His extensive experience and superb technical skills ensure that your implant will function properly and last a long time, while his keen artistic eye enables him to craft a restoration that blends in with your natural teeth to restore your beautiful, radiant smile.

Cosmetic Considerations

Tissue management is an important part of your dental implant procedure. In order to address the aesthetics of your smile, Dr. Greenhalgh will attend to your gums while placing the implant. By creating a balance between your gums and your new false tooth, he is able to achieve the finest aesthetic results.

While the majority of dental implants use titanium abutments, there are situations where this option will not achieve the best cosmetic outcome. Titanium abutments are silver colored and when replacing a front tooth, they can sometimes show through the gum tissue, giving off a gray tint. In order to avoid this gray appearance, Dr. Greenhalgh recommends using zirconia abutments when placing implants on front teeth.

Dental Implant Simulations to Ensure the Finest Cosmetic Results

Dr. Greenhalgh regularly utilizes a variety of tools to simulate what your new smile will look like after your dental implant procedure. These tools allow you to preview your new smile before any work is done so that you can feel confident that the procedure will produce your desired outcome. They also enable Dr. Greenhalgh to perform your procedure with a greater degree of accuracy. By creating a replica of your teeth, Dr. Greenhalgh can determine the ideal location for an implant in order to achieve the finest aesthetic results.

In order to accomplish these goals, Dr. Greenhalgh may recommend one or more of the following in association with your procedure:

Please contact our Denver implant dentist today to schedule your initial implant dentistry consultation. Dr. Greenhalgh serves patients in Denver and Lakewood, Colorado.

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