Crafting Your Smile Makeover

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You've made the decision to visit our cosmetic dentist. You've undergone a thorough examination. The verdict is clear- to address the full range of your concerns and meet all of your goals, one procedure isn't enough.

You need a smile makeover. And you're in good hands- Dr. Greenhalgh can use a range of safe, common cosmetic procedures to safely address all of your goals.

But how will we decide what shape the smile makeover will take? Which procedures will be part of your smile makeover? This page is designed to answer those questions.

If you live in or around Denver, Colorado and want to speak with us about a possible smile makeover, please call Dr. Scott Greenhalgh, DDS today at (303) 988-9060 for a consultation.

How We Make These Decisions

Every patient is unique, and so is every smile. As a result, there's no such thing as a one-size-fits-all smile makeover. What worked for the patient before you might not work for you. And we recognize this.

So your smile makeover begins in the obvious place- with you. We will engage you in a conversation, not a lecture. We'll ask you questions about your goals and priorities, then answer any questions you might have for us. When combined with a thorough examination of your teeth, gums and bite, this information will prove invaluable.

Computer smile imaging is a crucial element of any successful smile makeover. We will use this advanced technology to project the appearance of your new smile, providing you with a glimpse into the future of your dental health.

When deciding which procedures to perform, we'll also take into account your overall state of oral and general health. You'll need to a good foundation of sound, healthy gums before we can move forward with these procedures.

Ultimately, the shape of your smile makeover will be determined by the shape of your dental problems. Our cosmetic procedures are targeted at addressing specific concerns, so this will obviously play a role in our recommendations.

Whatever specific procedures you undergo, you can trust in Dr. Greenhalgh's unique experience. He's been helping the people of the Denver area restore their lustrous, beautiful smiles for decades.

If you need extensive cosmetic dental rejuvenation in the Denver, Colorado area, please call Dr. Scott Greenhalgh, DDS today at (303) 988-9060 for a consultation.

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