Porcelain Veneer Options

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There is an array of companies which make porcelain veneers and some are:

Most are adequate. In our experience, an excellent result with your new veneers depends on two main factors: the skill of your cosmetic dentist and the skill of your dental ceramics laboratory. It is our belief that there are a lot of very "average" results. Our focus is to create exceptional results. To do that, we use a lab that customizes each case.

Denver Dental VeneersAs part of the customization, you will visit with our ceramicist, Peter Kirmeier, and together discuss the other subtleties and characterizations he can create to make your veneers truly individual for you.

Peter Kirmeier is a master ceramist and president of Kirmeier Laboratories Inc. in nearby Westminster, Colorado. Dr. Greenhalgh has studied with this nationally-known ceramist and learned the best techniques for working with dental porcelain.

Please see our pages on Porcelain Veneers and Questions About Porcelain Veneers for more information. We also offer Lumineers, which are thinner than other brands. You can read more about them at Lumineers®: No-Prep Veneers.

Please call or email our Denver, Colorado cosmetic dentistry office if you would like a dental veneers consultation with Dr. Greenhalgh. We also proudly serve Lakewood and the surrounding areas.

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