Debbie - Hygiene Coordinator

Cosmetic Dentist Serving Lakewood, Denver, Golden & Nearby Colorado

I joined Dr. Greenhalgh’s team last year and I couldn’t ask for a nicer doctor to work with. He’s calm, he explains things and makes you feel appreciated. It’s such a rare thing to find, and such a nice feeling.

After my husband (who isn’t fond of dentists) came in for his first visit he told me how impressed he was with the way Dr. Greenhalgh spoke to him and explained his treatment in a way that made him feel comfortable about making decisions about his own dental care. Dr. Greenhalgh and Mary Ann really helped him understand the importance of taking care of his teeth in a way that no other dental professionals ever had.

Our team is so kind, a terrific group of people, so it was easy to connect and settle in. Everyone has a positive outlook and likes to help each other in any way we can. I especially like the way we treat our patients. They love coming here because they know we genuinely care about them.

I’m a people-person and I love getting to know our patients. I ask them to show me photos of their recent trip or their wedding – we only have a few minutes to chat here at the front desk, but I can really find out a lot about each one of them in that time.

Every day I wake up and decide I’m going to make it a good day, to make the most of it, so being part of Dr. Greenhalgh’s team is a natural fit for me!

When I’m not working, I love enjoying sports with my husband: tennis, softball, skiing, hikes, walks, going to the beach. Both our grown children live in Denver and we’re all about 15 minutes of each other. My 10-year-old grand-daughter is the light of my life – I love every minute I get to spend with her!