Mary Ann – Dental Assistant/EFDA (Expanded Function Dental Assistant)

Cosmetic Dentist Serving Lakewood, Denver, Golden & Nearby Colorado

I’ve had the privilege of working with Dr. Greenhalgh for 17 years. What we do best is provide constant empathy, support, and communication to our patients and team members.

The sense of belonging within our team is amazing. Our patients notice this. Many of our patients just haven’t been aware of what was going on their mouths. We always explain things to them; let them know why a treatment is necessary, and how to prevent dental problems. They tell us 'I've never had such a great experience at a dental office before!'

We develop trust with our patients because we are honest and straightforward with them. The level and quality of dental care we provide and the communication and education we offer is outstanding.

And there’s a high value on honesty and integrity. If we didn't provide these traits, I wouldn't be here! I believe my greatest asset is really listening to and understanding our patients.

Our team is like a family. I come from a great family with very strong values of honesty, compassion, and responsibility. These are the values I bring to my career as a dental professional and that what I get to live out every day working with this dental team.

We genuinely care for, enjoy and appreciate each other. Each member of our team has great individual skills and experiences that bring a wealth of unmatched value and care to our patients.

My dad was the owner and technician at a highly respected, high-end dental lab In Glenwood Springs, where I grew up. I always enjoyed listening to and learning about the importance of dentistry from him and his dentist friends. It’s no wonder I’ve sought out the best of dentists to work for because dentistry feels like home.

The first dentist I worked for taught me the complicated aspects of occlusion (the bite) and TMJ (the joint) and Dr. Greenhalgh brings a new level of expertise to the study and practice of the bite and the joint. He truly understands that the more this complex system is in harmony, the greater the longevity of our teeth, gums and overall health.

I had the privilege of working for a great cosmetic dentist in Glenwood Springs, but Dr. Greenhalgh’s dedication to creating perfect smiles for his patient exceeds great – it’s profound and beautiful. He tirelessly considers all aspects of our patient’s request for the smile they’ve always wanted and I have been here to see them blossom and transform into more confident, smiling people. Our attention to detail is what sets us apart from the rest.”

Mary Ann has two grown daughters and is grandma to her eight-year-old grandson. "He wants to be a ninja warrior when he grows up, so we are all about obstacle courses!"

A healthy life is one of her top priorities and her interests include spending time with family and friends, yoga and meditation and spending time in her favorite place – outdoors – hiking, skiing, cycling, swimming, and camping. She's also an avid artist, specializing in stained glass.