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Can’t every dentist do cosmetic dentistry?

Denver Cosmetic Dentistry PatientThey could if they took some extra training beyond undergraduate dental school. Cosmetic dentistry is not officially a dental specialty, but doing it well requires more education than a typical dental school provides.

Good cosmetic procedures need to be well planned, with your bite in mind, with your existing dental work in mind (or any changes that are planned in that), and with your facial shape and facial movements in mind – the shape of your smile. A good cosmetic dentist also understands dental ceramics and how to work with them, and will collaborate with special laboratory technicians who are also trained in porcelain work. Only when you choose a properly-trained cosmetic dentist can you be confident of getting a winning smile and the dental results that we all dream of.

Do porcelain veneers hurt?

No. Porcelain veneers are placed on teeth to make them as straight and light as you’ve hoped for. Only the enamel surface receives some work, with a very shallow layer being buffed away to make room for the veneers.

There are also “prepless veneers”, such as Lumineers® and DURAthin® veneers, that do not require any enamel to be removed. However, you will be able to feel their slight added thickness with your tongue.

You can choose which type of veneers you would like and they all give very attractive improvements to your smile. Dr. Greenhalgh will be happy to discuss these options and explain how they work and you can visit Questions About Dental Veneers for more information.

How white could I get my teeth?

Probably whiter than you think you can. Tooth discoloration happens gradually in most cases, and if you have not had them whitened before, you may have forgotten how white they once were. We offer three ways of whitening your teeth:

  • Zoom2™ is a fast procedure done in-office
  • Deep Bleaching can penetrate to stains that formed while your teeth were developing, removing even those caused by Tetracycline given during childhood. This is the most comfortable way to whiten your teeth. In addition, it also produces the whitest results of any whitening technique.
  • Home tooth whitening is done entirely on your own time with a customized take-home kit. These results can be as dramatic as in-office results.

Whether you want a touch up or to get your teeth as white as possible, you can be confident of achieving your goal if you work with Denver Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Greenhalgh.

How long does teeth whitening take?

A teeth whitening timeframe depends on what whitening method you choose. If you have an in-office procedure, dramatic results will be evident after about 90 minutes.

If you choose Deep Bleaching, your results will be even more dramatic, as this method penetrates more deeply into the tooth, affecting the dentin layer below the enamel as well as the enamel itself. It could brighten your smile by as much as 16 shades and combines two office visits separated by two weeks of at-home work.

Use of a take-home kit instead of any in-office procedure will take longer, depending on how effectively and consistently you use the kit. It might take one week or several weeks but it could be more convenient for you, or more relaxed if you suffer from dental anxiety.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots. One implant can hold one or two missing teeth. Four can hold an arch of teeth (a procedure called All-On-4™) and eight can hold a mouthful of teeth.

There are several implant types but the most common type looks like a small screw. They are made of titanium, which is well-accepted by bone tissue and each implant becomes a part of the jawbone, giving a lifetime of excellent service. You will never need to deal with ill-fitting dentures and your implants with their pearly-white replacement teeth will require no care beyond good daily dental hygiene.

If you would like to learn more about cosmetic dentistry and the procedures we offer at Scott Greenhalgh, DDS, please contact our Denver office today. Our friendly team will welcome you warmly. Proudly serving Lakewood, Denver and surrounding areas in Colorado.

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