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Lasers have dramatically changed dentistry over recent years and introduced countless benefits. They have been part of the rise and expansion of cosmetic dentistry, as they have made new procedures possible. Medical lasers are made for precision and controllability. Lakewood Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Greenhalgh uses a soft tissue laser which speeds up the work, enhances your comfort, and increases your safety compared to older methods.

Laser Aesthetic Dentistry

At Dr. Greenhalgh’s office, we offer laser gum reshaping, which is a treatment for a gummy smile. The laser quickly vaporizes unwanted gum tissue and minimizes bleeding at the same time. It precisely removes only a few small cell layers and then seals the area, creating a sterile surface for optimal healing.

Removal of unwanted gum tissue reveals more of the tooth tissue, giving your smile more balance and brightness. The laser is often used in a cosmetic procedure to sculpt the shape of the gums and create the best possible esthetic results.

Fast Treatment of Gum Disease

Denver Laser DentistryBecause the soft tissue laser can selectively vaporize the inflamed tissue common in gum disease, it removes bad tissue without hurting healthy tissue. Dr. Greenhalgh or his trained hygienist may use the laser in addition to your usual gum treatments.

In addition, the laser disrupts the bacterial “biofilm” which makes it easier for your immune system to digest the bacteria in the diseased gums. Conventional methods do not disrupt the biofilm as effectively as the laser treatment.

Cold Sores

Cold sores are caused by the Herpes virus which can lie dormant in the nerves around your mouth and lips until something sets it off. Stress and prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause an outbreak.

Dr. Greenhalgh’s laser is FDA-approved for the treatment of cold sores. A few minutes is all it takes to speed the healing and desensitize the sore lesion. You will not feel anything during this treatment. Clinical findings demonstrate that the laser treatment discourages the virus from returning to that same spot.

A number of our patients have noticed that they are less prone to cold sores than they were before having the laser treatments. It is possible that the laser therapy could actually stop the lesions entirely over time.

To learn more about the soft-tissue dental laser and other ways that cosmetic dentist, Dr. Greenhalgh can enhance your smile and your dental health, please contact our laser dentistry office for a consultation.

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