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Every hour, one person dies from oral cancer in America. This death rate has remained relatively unchanged for more than four decades. Surprisingly, more than 25 percent of oral cancer victims have no lifestyle risk factors. However, when oral cancer is diagnosed early, treatment is 90 percent successful.

Vizilite Oral Cancer Screening

Vizilite is a technology for early detection of any abnormal tissue in your mouth that is not visible during a regular exam.

The early detection of precancerous tissue can minimize, even eliminate the potentially disfiguring effects of oral cancer. It can also save your life. When oral cancer is diagnosed in its later stages, treatment is expensive and has a poor survival rate.

Vizilite technology is the only device approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the identification and monitoring of oral abnormalities that could lead to cancer.

How Vizilite Works

The Vizilite is used immediately after a regular visual exam.

  • Dr. Greenhalgh will have you rinse with a special solution
  • He will dim the overhead lighting
  • He will then shine the Vizilite on your mouth tissue

With the rinsing solution still on it, any abnormal tissue will appear lighter in color, as it does not absorb the light. Healthy tissue reacts differently to the rinsing solution and appears darker in color.

Am I at Risk for Oral Cancer?

Those with lifestyle risk factors are at the greatest risk:

  • Tobacco use – smoking or chewing tobacco.
  • Alcohol consumption – consuming at least one alcoholic drink per day. A single alcoholic beverage is three ounces of hard liquor, four ounces of wine or 12 ounces of beer.
  • Immune deficiencies such as HIV, AIDS, and the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), particularly HPV 16/18.
  • Age 40 or more – you are at greater risk than younger people, even if you do not use tobacco or alcohol or have any immune deficiency.

Please come for an annual oral cancer screening if you are at increased risk. All cancers are more successfully treated when they are diagnosed in early stages. Oral screening is the only way to reduce the death rate of oral cancer.

Please call or email Lakewood Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Greenhalgh today. Our friendly staff can schedule your initial exam and help get you on your way to the smile of your dreams.

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