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Throughout his career, Denver cosmetic dentist Dr. Scott Greenhalgh has found that many patients come to him uncertain about what they would like to change about their smile. To address this uncertainty, he frequently creates a wax model of what your new smile will look like. This allows you to preview your new smile before any work is done.

Your wax model will be an excellent tool to help Dr. Greenhalgh achieve results that more accurately reflect your cosmetic dentistry goals within the realistic parameters of what can be made.

Creating your Smile Design/Wax Up

Dr. Greenhalgh will take an impression of your teeth and talk with you about your desired changes. He will then send the impression off to the lab so that your wax up can be constructed. The process generally takes several weeks to complete. If minimal adjustments need to be made after you view the wax model, these changes can be incorporated into the final results.

Your wax model will also use a bite simulator to replicate how your teeth will move when biting. This is very helpful when evaluating the strength needed for your restoration. The bite simulator provides an added benefit not found in other smile simulation methods used by Dr. Greenhalgh such as Smile-Vision. Smile-Vision creates a computer generated simulation of your new smile and therefore does not account for the physical attainability of the changes. In contrast, your wax up is a 3-dimensional simulation that gives a realistic, accurate description of the final result.

When Would I Benefit from a Smile Design/Wax Up?

You will benefit from a smile design/wax up if you are undergoing just about any cosmetic procedure. Dr. Greenhalgh frequently uses a wax model as a tool when performing:

Dr. Greenhalgh generally considers the wax up to be a necessary part of the porcelain veneers process if four or more veneers are being installed. The day your veneers are started, the wax simulation will be used to construct your temporary veneers. When you go home from this initial office visit, you will essentially have a new smile in place while you wait for the permanent restoration to be completed at the lab.

If you are replacing a missing lateral tooth with a dental implant, your wax replica can pre-design the lateral crown so that Dr. Greenhalgh can determine the ideal location for the implant. This will ensure that you achieve ideal aesthetic results.

Please contact our Denver cosmetic dentist today to schedule your initial smile makeover consultation. Dr. Greenhalgh serves patients in Denver and Lakewood, Colorado.

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