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It is not uncommon to be born without a lateral tooth (the tooth located next to your top front tooth). Fortunately, this condition is easily corrected. If you would like to replace a missing lateral tooth, Denver implant dentist Dr. Scott Greenhalgh can provide you with the care you need.

Ideal candidates to replace a missing lateral tooth are teenagers who are planning on receiving orthodontic treatment. Dr. Greenhalgh will work closely with your orthodontist to make sure a gap is kept open so that a dental implant can be placed at a later date. Dr. Greenhalgh has performed this procedure many times, and he will make sure the gap left after your teeth are straightened will be adequate to house the implant.

Zirconia Abutments

Most dental implant procedures use a titanium abutment. However, due to the thinness of your gums in the lateral tooth region, the silver-colored titanium abutment has a tendency to show through the gum tissue, giving off a gray appearance.

In order to achieve a more natural result, Dr. Greenhalgh recommends using a zirconia abutment when replacing a missing lateral. Zirconia abutments are white-colored and therefore will not produce a gray tint on your gums.

While zirconia abutments are most commonly used when replacing a lateral tooth, they can also be used on any teeth in the smile zone.

High Quality Results

Zirconia as a material possesses the necessary strength and durability to achieve very high quality results with your dental implant restoration. Your zirconia abutment will be created through a CAD/CAM process; it is computer designed and computer milled to help achieve customized results. Dr. Greenhalgh has found that zirconia abutments provide you with comparable quality and durability compared with titanium abutments while offering the added benefit of a more aesthetically pleasing restoration.

Please contact our Denver implant dentist today to schedule your initial implant dentistry consultation. Dr. Greenhalgh serves patients in Denver and Lakewood, Colorado. Let us help you restore your smile with dental implants and zicronia abutments.

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