Financing Options

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Denver dentist Dr. Scott Greenhalgh is committed to making his procedures reasonable options for those who need them. We understand that times are still tough, and many of our patients don't think they can afford the dental work they need.

It's tempting, then, when researching dentists to opt for a doctor who promises you the lower price. However, choosing a dentist based on their advertised price can put your dental health at risk, and can actually cost you money in the long-term when the cost of fixing mistakes is taken into account.

Dr. Greenhalgh offers a range of financing options so that you can undergo the procedure that's right for you. And you always get the advantage of his years of experience and specialized training.

If you're a Denver, Colorado resident and you want to speak to our dentist about affording a procedure, please call Scott Greenhalgh, DDS today at 303-988-9060.

Financing Your Procedure

At Dr. Greenhalgh's office, we offer a number of ways to make your procedure more affordable. This includes:

  • Discounts if you pay in cash
  • Senior discounts

Of course, even with these discounts a cosmetic procedure might still seem out of reach. And, unfortunately, most dental insurance plans don't cover cosmetic procedures.

However, you have options. Dr. Greenhalgh works with Citi Health, a healthcare financing credit card backed by Citi Bank, so that you can find financing terms with which you're comfortable.

Citi Health

Citi Health provides patients with a range of terms based on their credit history and the cost of the procedure. Our office staff will discuss your financing options with you in great detail so that you understand exactly what you're agreeing to. We'll help you find the option that is right for you and a repayment plan that fits with your current lifestyle. Citi Health is a flexible card that generally offers low monthly rates and does not penalize you for pre-payments.

Our experienced and understanding staff will walk you through all of your options and explain what you can expect in a clear manner. If you live in the Denver area and you're looking for a quality, affordable dentist, please contact Scott Greenhalgh, DDS today by completing the form on this page or calling 303-988-9060.