What to Expect on Your First Visit

Cosmetic Dentist Serving Lakewood, Denver, Golden & Nearby Colorado

Welcome to Scott Greenhalgh, DDS in Lakewood CO!We believe your first visit will be unlike any other visit you have had at a dental office. We will cover more items than you have probably ever had in other examinations. We believe you deserve this. You deserve to know exactly what’s happening in your mouth and what problems you might be prone to, even if you can’t feel them right now. You deserve options in how to take care of your teeth.

When You Arrive

You will find our staff pleasant and full of helpful information. Our patients tell us, “I’ve never had an exam this thorough before!”

When you arrive at our facility, one of our dental assistants will give you a warm welcome and escort you from the reception area. You can discuss your expectations and dental priorities.

Then Dr. Greenhalgh will join the conversation. He will want to know about any past experiences and concerns you have about dental work. You can tell him anything you did or did not like about your past dental work.

Before any examination is done, we'll offer you a paraffin hand waxing. This is a pampering experience that makes your hands feel soft and rejuvenated.

Your Initial Examination

Dr. Greenhalgh will do a detailed examination of the outside of your head, neck and throat, including your jaw muscles and jaw joints. He will do an equally detailed examination of your mouth, including:

  • The gums
  • Lips and cheeks
  • Floor of the mouth, which is a common site for oral cancer
  • Your bite alignment
  • Your smile’s appearance (teeth color, tightness or looseness of teeth, health of prior dental work)
  • A search for any new cavities
  • A Vizilite oral cancer screening

Dr. Greenhalgh will also take digital photos of your current dental status and of any areas giving you concern, as well as a set of full mouth X-rays.

After the Examination

Dr. Greenhalgh will review your examination with you and give you a simple summary. He will show you any particular dental problem on the video monitor, so you can see the problem and discuss it in a way that makes sense to you. He will show you any X-rays taken and explain what they are telling him.

Together you can discuss priorities and agree on a plan. One of his dental assistants will be present for part of this discussion.

For each treatment option, Dr. Greenhalgh will discuss its benefits and show you a demonstration model. You will be welcome to ask any questions and Dr. Greenhalgh will give clear answers.

Also, part of this discussion will be information on how to prevent or avoid dental problems in the long term.

Next Steps

Waiting Room - Office of Dr. Scott GreenhalghAfter you have determined a plan of action, we will provide you with estimates of your proposed care. We will be glad to help you in coordinating the timeline and timeframe for any treatment we recommend. Please see the Financing Options page for more details.

If you would like to go ahead and schedule your first visit, please call 303-988-9060 or email our office today. We serve Denver, Lakewood and nearby areas in Colorado, and we look forward to meeting with you.