Meet Our Dental Staff

Cosmetic Dentist Serving Lakewood, Denver, Golden & Nearby Colorado

Susie started in dentistry 24 years ago, helping manage her husband’s dental office for 15 years, and then together embarking on dental consulting.

“I’ve been working with Dr. Greenhalgh and our fantastic team for a little over a year. My favorite thing about our team is our cohesiveness: we’re all on the same page in our goal of giving our patients the best possible outcomes.”

Susie really appreciates how Dr. Greenhalgh treats his patients with respect and care as individuals, and how he demonstrates integrity in his value for giving them highly skilled and crafted dental... Read More

Theresa has been in dentistry for the past four years as a dental assistant on the clinical side, and was looking for a change to the administrative side of things. She loves interacting with our patients and working with our Administrative Coordinator up front.

"I really like our team atmosphere. I love working with Dr. Greenhalgh because he is so much fun to be around! He genuinely cares about his patients and our team. It’s really wonderful to be in an office culture that feels more like family than just a job."

Theresa enjoys helping our patients understand their... Read More

Kathleen is a Registered Dental Hygienist who believes in clear communication and a calm, caring approach to dental care. After nearly two decades, she still finds her profession exciting and rewarding!

When Kathleen was in 5th grade, she remembers her hygienist showing her X-rays. She was intrigued and wanted to be just like her. Following high school, she became a credentialed dental assistant, earning a radiology certificate, and later a dental hygienist. Her continuing education courses are a vital part of her practice, because they allow her to give her patients the utmost in... Read More

Lisa hails from Rochester, Minnesota, working as a Registered Dental Hygienist for 23 years, She moved to Colorado last year and joined Dr. Greenhalgh’s team. Patients say she is very empathetic and that she puts them at ease. “I try to meet each patient where they are and to be professional, yet make their time here enjoyable. If patients love coming here, they’ll do it more consistently.” Lisa enjoys being part of the health field and helping our patients maintain great oral health. 

“I love working on this team! The care that Dr. Greenhalgh gives to his patients is amazing - he... Read More

Denise has been an EDDA for 20+ years and began working with Dr. Greenhalgh early on. He truly laid the foundation of who she is as a dental assistant and she always has carried with her his high expectations and great attention to detail.

After exploring California and attaining her aesthetician’s license, she now combines her two careers in Cosmetic Dentistry. Denise returned back to Dr. Greenhalgh’s team, and is thrilled to continue to take care of our patients, getting to know and developing relationships with them — the most fun part of the job!

Denise appreciates how... Read More

Cris has been a part of Dr. Greenhalgh’s team for the past three years. She comes with an impressive amount of experience, as she’s been a practicing dental assistant for 43 years. Cris started working for her family dentist after high school and she realized that she had a passion for dentistry.

“I’m here with Dr. Greenhalgh because he does the most amazing cosmetic dentistry! He has so much skill and knowledge using state-of-the art techniques to create amazing smiles. I love working with the team here - everyone is so respectful and caring towards each other. We really have a... Read More

Kelly has been with our team for two years, and in dentistry for 30 years.

Kelly is originally from Augusta, Georgia and as a kid, her parents were really into keeping teeth healthy. “We went to the dentist every five months and I really enjoyed it! I decided in high school that I’d like to go to school to become a dental assistant and I never looked back.”

Kelly loves getting to know our patients. SheI likes to discover what interests them and to find common ground. She really enjoys bringing Southern kindness, hospitality and humor to her work!

“I really appreciate... Read More

Cindy has been at this practice since the beginning and in dentistry for 30+ years. She is a Lakewood native. Although Cindy left to open her own Subway restaurants which kept her busy for years, she returned to our office once again and we are delighted to have her back as part of our team.

As you can see from her background, she can work behind a desk, manage a team. and make a sandwich, so she understands customer service. Cindy always makes our patients feel welcome in our office and she is confident with scheduling and treatment planning. She looks forward to meeting new... Read More