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I’ve had the privilege of working with Dr. Greenhalgh for 17 years. What we do best is provide constant empathy, support, and communication to our patients and team members.

The sense of belonging within our team is amazing. Our patients notice this. Many of our patients just haven’t been aware of what was going on their mouths. We always explain things to them; let them know why a treatment is necessary, and how to prevent dental problems. They tell us 'I've never had such a great experience at a dental office before!'

We develop trust with our patients because we are honest... Read More

My dental career has come full circle and I'm happy to be working for Dr Greenhalgh once again. I have been in the dental field for over 30 years, first as a dental assistant and the last 20 years as a dental hygienist.

Dr Scott is the most selfless and sincere dentist I’ve ever met. He treats his patients and staff like family and he loves his family! His beautiful cosmetic cases are what he’s best known for and people come from across the country to have him build their dream smile. 

I love my work more today than ever! I love sharing my experience and educating my... Read More

If you’re looking for a personalized experience with great results, this is the place for you. No 'drive-through' dentistry offered here! Our clear communication style and calm, caring staff will put you at ease and make this the best dental experience you’ve ever had.

Whether you need routine, comprehensive, emergency or cosmetic services, Dr. Greenhalgh really surpasses our patients’ expectations with his results and personal attention to their needs. Even we, his staff, are continually ‘wowed’ by his skills, professionalism and focused attention to detail – and we thought we’d... Read More

My favorite part about being in dentistry is serving our community. I really enjoy listening to and taking care of what really matters most to each individual patient. I believe that people really do want to take care of their teeth because our smiles are a huge part of first impressions. Most importantly, I love that our team has the ability to change people’s perception of themselves.

Being in a similar situation growing up, I am able to relate to what people are going though when they come into our office and say ‘I hate my teeth, I have too much gum, this one tooth is crooked, I... Read More

I joined Dr. Greenhalgh’s team last year and I couldn’t ask for a nicer doctor to work with. He’s calm, he explains things and makes you feel appreciated. It’s such a rare thing to find, and such a nice feeling.

After my husband (who isn’t fond of dentists) came in for his first visit he told me how impressed he was with the way Dr. Greenhalgh spoke to him and explained his treatment in a way that made him feel comfortable about making decisions about his own dental care. Dr. Greenhalgh and Mary Ann really helped him understand the importance of taking care of his teeth in a way... Read More

I’ve been a dental assistant for 20 years and began working with Dr. Greenhalgh early in my career. He truly laid the foundation of who I am as a dental assistant and I’ve carried with me his high expectations and great attention to detail from the first six years I worked with him. At that time I was young and ready to explore my world, so I moved to California and got my aesthetician’s license, eventually combining my two careers at various dental practices.

The time was right for me to come back and join Dr. Greenhalgh’s team last fall and I’m very glad to be back.  I love how... Read More

I have been at this practice longer than Dr. Greenhalgh! And I have seen many doctors come and go. I have also consulted and worked at several other dental practices. So I have seen many different levels of care. Dr. Greenhalgh and his team stand above it all. You as the patient will notice the difference right away.

Our office has many items to make your visit as pleasant as possible such as a beverage bar, paraffin dip for your hands to help you relax, neck pillow, blankets, TVs and headsets. We also have an amazing team of assistants and hygienists.

They are a truly caring... Read More