Susie, Administrative Coordinator

Cosmetic Dentist Serving Lakewood, Denver, Golden & Nearby Colorado

Susie started in dentistry 24 years ago, helping manage her husband’s dental office for 15 years, and then together embarking on dental consulting.

“I’ve been working with Dr. Greenhalgh and our fantastic team for a little over a year. My favorite thing about our team is our cohesiveness: we’re all on the same page in our goal of giving our patients the best possible outcomes.”

Susie really appreciates how Dr. Greenhalgh treats his patients with respect and care as individuals, and how he demonstrates integrity in his value for giving them highly skilled and crafted dental work with superior results.

One of Susie’s roles is to coordinate the process for our patients to achieve the beautiful and healthy smile they’ve always dreamed of. She provides them with clear information they can understand, arrange the details, and answers their questions to help bring it all together for the best possible outcome.

SusieI loves to bring our team together to help us bond inside as well as outside of the office. “We really care about our patients and it’s important for them to experience a team that has respect for and fun with each other!”

Susie’s grown son lives in Denver while her daughter resides in San Diego, and her extended family lives in Texas. “I love to travel, so I visit them regularly!” Her love of adventure led her to Lisbon and Madrid with her family last Christmas, and she’s voyaging to Alaska this summer for a cruise with some friends.