Teeth Whitening

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Our Denver cosmetic dentist understands that when you go about your day-to-day life, a bright, white smile is crucial. If you’re not confident in the appearance of your teeth, it might make you reluctant to smile. That reluctance can give your friends and work colleagues the mistaken impression that you’re gloomy or unpleasant.

Perhaps the number one cause of a lack of confidence in a smile is yellow teeth. When your teeth are discolored or stained, it’s often noticeable, and you’re certainly aware of the situation. Fortunately, Dr. Scott Greenhalgh offers teeth whitening services for patients like you.

During his more than two decades of experience with teeth whitening, our cosmetic dentist has learned what works and what doesn’t. He offers a number of options so that you can get the treatment that will help you achieve your goals.

If you live in the Denver, Colorado area and you need an experienced cosmetic dentist to help with your teeth whitening, please call Scott Greenhalgh, DDS at 303-988-9060.

Teeth Whitening Options

You can find a lot of whitening products available over the counter, but these products will never provide you with the thorough, effective, and safe teeth whitening Dr. Greenhalgh can offer you at our office.

Teeth whitening options include:

  • Deep Bleaching™: This is our most thorough and effective teeth whitening treatment. Deep Bleaching will provide you with a truly exceptional whitening experience. You’ll undergo a treatment in our office, then take home a set of trays and whitening gels to use for two weeks. After one last in-office treatment, you’ll be done, and the end result will be a whitening of even the most stubbornly stained teeth.
  • Zoom2™: Zoom2 teeth whitening requires just 90 minutes with our cosmetic dentist. This whitening system uses a special, light-activated gel to achieve strong results; patients have seen teeth that are up to nine shades lighter after using Zoom2.
  • Home whitening options: One of the appeals of the over-the-counter whitening products discussed earlier is the apparent convenience of being able to use them at home. If this is a priority for you, our cosmetic dentist can provide you with kits you can use at home. However, our take-home teeth whitening kits are custom-designed for your mouth and teeth. And you can trust in the skill and experience of our cosmetic dentist.

Dr. Greenhalgh will be happy to answer any tooth whitening questions you might have. We believe in doing everything possible to get you the cosmetic treatments you deserve.

If you live in the Denver, Colorado, area and you’re considering teeth whitening, our cosmetic dentist can help. Please contact Scott Greenhalgh, DDS, today by calling 303-988-9060.