Denise, EDDA

Cosmetic Dentist Serving Lakewood, Denver, Golden & Nearby Colorado

Denise has been an EDDA for 20+ years and began working with Dr. Greenhalgh early on. He truly laid the foundation of who she is as a dental assistant and she always has carried with her his high expectations and great attention to detail.

After exploring California and attaining her aesthetician’s license, she now combines her two careers in Cosmetic Dentistry. Denise returned back to Dr. Greenhalgh’s team, and is thrilled to continue to take care of our patients, getting to know and developing relationships with them — the most fun part of the job!

Denise appreciates how our team is balanced and each of our personalities works together to provide the best care for our patients. One of her strengths is being able to read people and to understand how they’re feeling, so she can anticipate what our patients might need in the moment during their appointment. People really let us into their personal space when they’re in the dental chair, and she wants to honor that.

“Dr. Greenhalgh is really good at sensing people’s anxiety and other emotions, and he asks them great questions and listens to what they need to feel the most comfortable.”

Denise is a Lakewood native, takes great joy in life, enjoys running and spending time providing her daughter a good life. Her words to live by: you must always go with your instincts and trust yourself.