Scottie – Office Manager & Treatment Coordinator

Cosmetic Dentist Serving Lakewood, Denver, Golden & Nearby Colorado

My favorite part about being in dentistry is serving our community. I really enjoy listening to and taking care of what really matters most to each individual patient. I believe that people really do want to take care of their teeth because our smiles are a huge part of first impressions. Most importantly, I love that our team has the ability to change people’s perception of themselves.

Being in a similar situation growing up, I am able to relate to what people are going though when they come into our office and say ‘I hate my teeth, I have too much gum, this one tooth is crooked, I don’t like this, or that.’ I had a large gap in my teeth all my life and it made me very self-conscious. I wouldn’t even smile. When I got my smile makeover, it changed my life. I smile all the time now!

Dr. Greenhalgh’s unique process for designing patients’ smiles is truly both scientific and artistic. I’ve worked for other dentists over the past 10 years, and can really appreciate how meticulous Dr. Scott is. He really takes the time to understand each individual’s goals and what they are seeking to improve about their smiles.  He is truly an artist in the way that he designs the lengths, colors, and shapes of their new teeth to their faces; he’s very talented.

It’s also important to me that he treats people on an individual basis. Most dentists talk about it, but he really delivers. For example, when we have our daily morning huddle, Dr. Greenhalgh speaks about each patient in such a caring way. He truly knows every patient and their personalities, hobbies, and family members.  Other dentists I’ve worked with didn’t know their patients as well in terms of detail and the care they want.  I really think this elevates him above and beyond as dentist.

We don’t want our patients to feel like just a number. Of course everyone knows Dr. Greenhalgh, but our patients know that Dr. Greenhalgh really knows them too!  I just adore this office and I’m happy to say that it’s nice to look forward to coming to work each morning.

Additionally, each team member knows different details about each element in every patient’s treatment so we can all help answer their questions and address any concerns. From our assistants, to our hygienists, to Dr. Greenhalgh, to the front office, we make sure that everything is addressed specifically for each patient so we can give them the best care possible.

I know our patients feel they are getting personal attention and focus from us when they’re here. Our team excels at communicating with each patient on their level. Everyone receives information differently, and we break it down so that each patient has a comprehensive understand about their care in the way they need to understand it.

Finally, I’m a Seattleite who traded in the ocean for the Colorado sunshine just 9 short years ago. I met my husband and his beautiful daughter shortly after and have planted my roots.  I enjoy watching pro-sports, laughing, traveling, playing volleyball, snowboarding, boating, hiking, biking, river tubing and anything else you can do outside.

My favorite quote: “Love others so radically they wonder why.”

Now you know about me, come meet us and tell me about you!