Teeth Whitening Safety

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Not all teeth whitening options were created equal. Subsequently, some teeth whitening options can do more harm than good to your smile when not performed by an experienced professional. That’s why our dental office provides an array of safe, affordable, effective and convenient treatments.

To discuss the safety of teeth whitening with an experienced cosmetic dentist or to find out more about the teeth whitening treatments we offer our patients, call 303-988-9060 today to schedule a personal consultation at our Lakewood office.

Is Teeth Whitening Safe for My Teeth?

While no major health problems have been attributed to tooth whitening products that have been used as directed, poor quality materials or excessive whitening can still injure your teeth.

To ensure the highest standard of teeth whitening safety, you should always have an experienced dentist assess your oral health first. Not only will this prevent you from harming teeth that might have sensitivities to whitening, particularly for teenagers, but it will also help you determine whether or not whitening will effectively address your discoloration.

Sometimes, you may not be a candidate for tooth whitening. Ultimately, the safety and effectiveness of teeth whitening is based upon your unique oral condition and can only be determined by your dentist.

Professional vs. Over-the-Counter Teeth Whitening

With so many over-the-counter and professional teeth whitening options available, deciding which product to choose can be overwhelming. If you are leaning toward over-the-counter treatments, do your research first. Depending on your unique needs, our at-home whitening options or in office treatments might end up saving you time, money and the health of your teeth.

Observe the following teeth whitening considerations:

  • Safety – Without consulting your dentist, you may end up using an over-the-counter product that does more harm than good to your teeth.
  • Effectiveness – Because over-the-counter products take a one-size-fits-most approach, you miss out on the benefits of custom professional products that are designed to maximize results and minimize discomfort.
  • Convenience – A large appeal of over-the-counter products is the ability to administer treatment at home, but Dr. Greenhalgh offers professional grade at-home whitening kits for your convenience.

Whatever product you choose, teeth whitening of any form will provide the greatest benefits to you when performed under the supervision of your dentist. To learn more about safety and the professional options we provide to our Lakewood patients, call 303-988-9060 today to schedule a personal consultation with experienced cosmetic dentist Dr. Scott Greenhalgh.