Spa Amenities and Quality of Care

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You may not believe it, but a visit to the dentist may be the most relaxing thing you do all week. Our spa amenities can help you relax during your visit to Dr. Scott Greenhalgh. Believe it or not, this actually improves the quality of care you receive!

Hurry, Hurry Healthcare

In recent years, healthcare, like everything else in our lives, has been accelerated considerably. Doctors, dentists, and other professionals are becoming efficiency experts in managing their too-valuable time. People are rushed through an appointment with only a small fraction of their time spent actually seeing the doctor.

How Amenities Help Your Experience

Many people with dental anxiety say they have a hard time getting numb or relaxing enough for dental treatment. This is not in their biology; it's in their environment.

We offer sedation dentistry, but we also encourage people who haven't been to our practice before to come in and see how they feel first. You will be amazed at how little things can make your dental visit go more quickly and enjoyably, making it easier and more pleasant to come back for your next routine visit.

How Amenities Help Your Quality of Care

Getting the best possible dental care means making the best decisions about your dental treatments. To do this, you need to be relaxed and able to focus on the information you are receiving.

If you are too worried or hurried to hear what is being said, you won't be able to understand your options. The same goes for homecare instructions. And we want you to have all the time you need to ask your questions and bring up any concerns you may have.

Providing amenities also helps us give you the best care possible. The other peril of so-called efficiency experts is that they want everything to run like a machine, and not at a human pace. Providing amenities keeps us from forgetting that every patients is a person and deserves to be treated with care, patience, and respect, not just rushed from one procedure to the next.

Quality dental care is more than taking care of your teeth, it's taking care of you. The spa amenities we offer are one aspect of our commitment to our patients.

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