Choosing an Implant Dentist

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If you are looking into dental implants, then you will want to find a dentist who can draw upon extensive knowledge and experience and perform the procedure with minimal risk of complications. You will also want a dentist who can help you helps you identify the best solutions and creates a tooth replacement plan with you.

Denver implant dentist Dr. Scott Greenhalgh has the experience necessary to restore your teeth to proper functionality with dental implants that benefit your health. Learn more about his background by calling 303-988-9060 today.

Things to Consider When Choosing an Implant Dentist

Many different types of dentists can put dental implants in, but there are many considerations in finding the right fit. By evaluating the difficulty level of putting in your dental implant, the restoring dentist can direct you to the right specialist. Dr. Greenhalgh uses many different specialists who are able to bring in specific strengths in different situations.

An experienced implant dentist will check your whole mouth. This is done to assess and make plans for any factor that might affect the success of your dental implant. The neighboring teeth and the overall cosmetics of your smile should be looked at.

The restorative dentist typically directs the dental implant procedure. The right implant dentist will not give you an implant if that is not the best solution for you. There are certain occasions in which a dental implant is not the best choice.

On the other hand, the restorative dentist will diagnose, manage, and end the problems that resulted in tooth loss and put you in a situation where an implant is needed. It is always better to stop disease than to simply repair the damage done. The restorative dentist may also create a “surgical guide” for the specialist. This will let the specialist know exactly where the implant should be placed.

Specialists are sometimes tempted to put the implant where it is most convenient for them. It may be a good spot for an implant, but not good at all as a place to build a crown. In these situations, Dr. Greenhalgh will advise the specialists to augment the bone so the implant can be put in the right spot.

Finally, you should ask questions about any aspect of the dental implant procedure, but be sure to ask about the success rate and the comfort level during the process.

If you have any questions about implant dentistry, please contact the office of experienced restoration and implant dentist Dr. Scott Greenhalgh today by calling 303-988-9060 or completing the form on this page. Dr. Greenhalgh serves the communities of Denver and Lakewood, Colorado.