Signs That You May Need Dental Implants

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An older man smiling and sitting near a lake.There are several reasons why patients may seek dental implants for their cosmetic dental issues. While other options like porcelain veneers or crowns work for mild or moderate imperfections, dental implants are ideal for those who have severe issues with their smile, such as loose dentures, several missing teeth, or infection. Here are some of the major signs that you may benefit from dental implants.

1. You Are Missing Teeth

A missing tooth can be very embarrassing for many patients. However, it can also be bad for your oral health, making your jawbone more susceptible to deterioration. By replacing that missing tooth with an implant, you can not only restore your full smile and improve your bite but also protect your jawbone from future damage.

2. You Have a Severely Fractured Tooth

If you have a tooth that is fractured down to the root, it may be a good idea to get a dental implant. While bonding may serve as a good temporary solution to cracks, large fractures can significantly weaken your tooth, increasing the chance of it falling out. The tooth can also become very sensitive if the root is exposed.

3. You Have an Infected Tooth

In some cases, there may be a tooth that is too infected to save with a crown or other cosmetic dental solution. By removing the infected tooth and replacing it with a natural-looking implant, you can prevent other teeth from getting infected.

While these are the main reasons that patients seek a dental implant, there are other cases where an implant may be advisable. For example, if you have dentures, you may want to have implants instead, so you don’t have to deal with denture care or adhesives. Since you can take care of implants just by brushing your teeth and flossing, you may find them more convenient than dentures.

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