Halloween Candy: The Best and Worst for Your Teeth

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Happy Halloween for Your TeethHalloween is almost here. All the ghouls and ghosts will take to the streets Monday night to get their bags filled with that most coveted Halloween treat—candy!

In general, candy isn’t the best dietary choice you can make for a healthy, beautiful smile. But Halloween only comes once a year, and no one wants to give up those sweet treats entirely. Did you know that not all candy is the same when it comes to the health of your smile?

Best Halloween Candy Choice

Chocolate! This may come as a welcome surprise, but most chocolate candies melt quickly in your mouth. They don’t stick around long enough to cause decay and don’t require extreme biting forces. That doesn’t mean you should skip brushing and flossing Halloween night. It will help remove extra sugar build up.

Other good choices for Halloween include sugarless gum, nuts, and sunflower or pumpkin seeds.

Worst Halloween Candy Choices

Hard candies like suckers and jawbreakers take a long time to break down in your mouth. The longer sugar stays, the more likely decay is to set in. Hard candies can chip or crack teeth and damage dental work.

Sticky candies, like caramels, toffee, and even raisins can get stuck between teeth and contribute to decay. Sour candies with higher acid content can also erode enamel.

Choose your candy wisely this year to give your smile a treat, and have a safe and happy Halloween.

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