Fight Cavities This Holiday Season

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A close up of a dining table with two plates full of many different kinds of holiday baked goodsHoliday treats, sweets, and cookies abound this time of year! Is it possible to enjoy these holiday delicacies while preventing cavities? We think so. Here are a few tips:

  • Include treats as part of a meal. It may sound strange, but saliva production increases while you are eating a big meal, and that essentially acts as a means of neutralizing the cavity-causing bacterial activity that takes place naturally when you eat. Include a treat at the end of the meal as a dessert.
  • Include water when enjoying holiday cocktails. Eggnog, spiked hot chocolate, and other holiday cocktails tend to contain a lot of cavity-causing sugar. Alcohol also dries your mouth out, and a dry mouth allows acids and plaque to sit on your teeth. To combat all of this, include a glass of water after the cocktail to rinse the sugar off your teeth.
  • Don’t neglect your dental hygiene routine. It’s easy to neglect brushing and flossing when you’re staying up late with loved ones, getting home late from parties, and generally enjoying the holiday season. But it’s so important to stick to your dental hygiene routine to reduce the risk of cavities. You should continue to brush twice per day and floss daily all the way through to 2022!

The holidays and the treats that go along with them are important cultural family celebrations for people across the country. While it’s true that excess sugar, starch, and snacking can lead to an increased risk for cavities, that risk is weighed against the benefits of celebrating with loved ones. Remember that everything can be enjoyed in moderation, and you can use some of the tips above to keep your dental health in tip-top shape. 

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