Are Pregnant Women Allowed to Get Dental Work Done?

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Pregnant women want to protect their unborn children in any way they can. Since you have a baby to take care of, you are constantly browsing the internet for tips on staying healthy and strong. Dental anxiety is common among pregnant women. Previous negative dental experiences are associated with more dental phobia. Updating oral health knowledge was related to reducing dental phobia, however. 

Pregnancy and dental work are, unfortunately, topics where misinformation is widespread. Pregnant women might have heard that undergoing dental work during pregnancy is not advisable. According to several surveys, this myth is believed by over forty percent of pregnant women. 

 Despite what many people believe, your dental health does not decrease when you are pregnant, and in fact, you should continue seeking dental services after you conceive.

Does Pregnancy Prevent Me from Getting Dental Surgery?

Dental surgery can be performed safely during pregnancy if you experience a dental emergency. A tooth that has been affected by decay can become extremely painful if it affects its nerve endings. An extraction or root canal might make sense in such a case. By undergoing this procedure, you will be able to alleviate pain and concentrate on taking better care of your pregnancy.  

While you may feel discomfort after these procedures, your baby cannot be adversely affected.

How Does Sedation Work?

Pregnant women are often scared of dental procedures due to sedation. Dental procedures can negatively affect a baby's health, so they are concerned about the anesthesia used. Studies have shown that mothers can undergo sedation without adversely affecting the baby in their wombs, and it is possible to perform sedation dentistry without danger.

So, whether you choose general or local anesthesia, your baby will not be harmed or affected. You should discard your fears about sedation and focus on what's best for your dental health if you fear dental surgery during pregnancy.

When Should Dental Surgery Be Avoided During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is not a contraindication to dental work. X-rays can be taken during the second trimester when all your baby's essential organs have developed fully. However, if you need this type of procedure, it is best to undergo the process during that time.

When a non-emergency dental surgery is necessary during the third trimester, you may have to wait until after your delivery.

Considering Dental Procedures During Pregnancy: What's the Bottom Line?

The process of undergoing dental surgery during pregnancy is safe, and it's a safer option than avoiding the procedure, giving the problem a chance to fester and worsen.

A reliable dentist can assist you in determining the safest, most effective treatment for your dental issue during pregnancy. If you wish to contact Dr. Scott Greenhalgh, DDS, please call (720) 484-8832 or fill out our online form.