What’s the Worst Easter Candy for Your Teeth?

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Easter Candy ChoicesEaster is just around the corner. You might have guessed by the grocery store aisles lined with Peeps and chocolate rabbits. If you are planning your child’s Easter basket or just wanting to pick up a treat this Spring, read up on what your best and worst choices are to keep your teeth healthy and beautiful.

The Worst Easter Candy

The worst candy for your teeth is the candy that exposes your teeth to sugar and acids for the longest period of time. This includes candy that is sticky, chewy, or gummy (even dried fruit!) or any candy that takes a long time to eat, such as a lollipop.

The Best Easter Candy

Choosing dark chocolate or candy bars with nuts is a better choice for your indulgence. Dark chocolate has actually been found to strengthen enamel and nuts break up the stickiness in a candy bar.

The Best Alternatives to Candy

One of the best choices for Easter is swapping out candy for eggs. Dyeing and decorating eggs can be fun for the whole family and the protein in this treat is good for you and your teeth.

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