Signs You May Have Oral Cancer

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 Oral cancerThough not even in the top ten most prevalent cancers in the United States, oral cancer will result in more deaths this year than melanoma, one of the most prevalent cancers in the country

However, this might not have to be the case. When caught early enough, the five-year survival rate of oral cancer is 86%. Learning the signs of oral cancer and undergoing a screening can help save your life. 

Common Signs of Oral Cancer 

Though symptoms can vary, there are some common symptoms of oral cancer that should warrant a visit to the dentist: 

  • Lip or mouth sore that doesn’t heal 
  • Discolored patch inside of the mouth that may feel rough 
  • Teeth pain or mouth pain that can be from loose teeth
  • Ear pain, especially when swallowing 

Though symptoms may vary, seeing the doctor if you have any persisting oral symptoms is best. Sometimes, these symptoms could be attributed to other diseases, such as gum disease, but a dentist will be able to offer help in those situations as well. 

When to Get an Oral Cancer Screening

It may be time for an oral screening if you are facing any of the symptoms listed above, or if you:

  • Have a family history of oral cancer
  • Excessively drink
  • Use tobacco products
  • Have HPV
  • Spend a lot of time outside without using sunblock on your lips

It’s important to note that 25% of all oral cancers develop in those without the above risk factors, so getting an oral screening just to be safe is also recommended. 

Oral Cancer Screening with Dr. Scott Greenhalgh in Lakewood, CO

Catching oral cancer in its earlier stages can increase your chances of recovery and even save your life. Working with a dentist who is capable and understanding is a must. 

Dr. Scott Greenhalgh and his team know it is imperative to catch oral cancers early. Dr. Greenhalgh is proud to offer Vizilite, the only FDA-approved device to identify oral abnormalities that could lead to cancer. 

An oral screening can help save your life. Working with Dr. Greenhalgh can help you identify precancerous tissue, allowing you valuable time that can be devoted to treatment. 

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