The Best Dental Floss for You

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Your Best Dental FlossEveryone knows you are supposed to floss every day, but a surprising number of people still haven’t incorporated flossing into their daily dental hygiene routine. With Halloween upon us and the winter food holidays fast approaching, it’s the perfect time of year to start flossing to thoroughly clean your mouth of food debris and plaque build up.

Often people neglect flossing because they are simply choosing the wrong dental floss. The right dental floss for you is one that is convenient and easy to use so that you will use it every day. If you are not a daily flosser, give one of these types a try to improve your flossing habit:

  • Flavored dental floss. It might sound silly, but minty floss can make your mouth feel fresher and combat bad breath. You’ll start to like that fresh, clean feeling and want to floss more.
  • Flossing sticks. In our sound-bite-driven society, everyone is always looking for the quickest, most convenient way to do everything. If that sounds a lot like you, then floss sticks might be your floss soul mate.
  • Gentle floss. If flossing is uncomfortable on your gums, you may prefer a gentle dental floss that is coated to be less abrasive on your gums and gives you a more comfortable flossing experience.

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