Understanding the Use of Oral Appliances and Splints in TMJ Treatment

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Stressed woman suffering tmj disorder complaining in the streetTemporomandibular Joint (TMJ) disorders can cause pain and discomfort, affecting daily activities such as eating and speaking. One of the most effective non-surgical TMJ treatments involves the use of oral appliances and splints. 

These devices can alleviate pain, improve jaw function, and prevent further damage to the TMJ. Understanding the role of oral appliances and splints in TMJ treatment can help guide you in determining the best treatment.

Use of Oral Appliances in TMJ Treatment

Oral appliances such as mouthguards or night guards are custom-made to fit your smile. These appliances can address bruxism (teeth grinding), which often exacerbates TMJ symptoms. 

By wearing an oral appliance, patients can reduce the stress and pressure on their jaw joints. These devices help in repositioning the jaw, promote relaxation of the muscles, and prevent the teeth from grinding against each other. 

Use of Splints in TMJ Treatment

Splints, like oral appliances, are custom-made for TMJ treatment. But they are designed for continuous wear rather than just nighttime use. There are different types of splints available based on your specific needs.

Stabilization splints can cover all the teeth in the upper or lower jaw. These splints help to stabilize the jaw and provide an even biting surface. They can reduce the strain on the TMJ and the surrounding muscles. 

Repositioning splints can change the position of the jaw and correct misalignment issues that contribute to TMJ disorders. These splints are designed to hold the jaw in a more favorable position, reducing stress on the TMJ and promoting proper alignment. 

Anterior bite splints cover only the front teeth and are used to reduce muscle hyperactivity. This type of splint is particularly beneficial for patients who clench their teeth, as it helps to reduce muscle tension and alleviate TMJ pain.

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Oral appliances and splints play a key role in the non-surgical management of TMJ disorders. They offer significant relief from pain and improve jaw function. If you're experiencing TMJ symptoms, call the Lakewood, CO, dental practice of Dr. Scott Greenhalgh, DDS, at 303-988-9060. Schedule a consultation today so we can determine the best treatment plan for you and help you find relief from debilitating symptoms right away.