The Benefits of Porcelain Fillings

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Porcelain fillingsSometimes, teeth get cavities. It’s not the most fun experience, but modern dental science has plenty of tools to address cavities and keep your teeth healthy and beautiful.

If you do need fillings, you might be surprised to learn that there are a number of options these days. While metal fillings still exist, modern material alternatives are often available, and among those, porcelain is among the most compelling.

Take a minute to learn about porcelain fillings, what they can do for you, and why you might want them the next time you get a cavity. Scott Greenhalgh, DDS, regularly works with porcelain fillings, making them a reliable choice.

What Are Porcelain Fillings?

Porcelain fillings are like any other tooth fillings in principle, but they are made from porcelain. Like any fillings, they prevent tooth decay by filling in cavities that otherwise create vulnerabilities in your teeth that bacteria can attack.

Fillings also strengthen your teeth after you suffer a cavity, making them doubly important.

Porcelain fillings are made from this material largely because of its color, strength, and biological viability.

How Do They Help?

What is biological viability? It means that porcelain in your teeth will not cause any adverse reactions. Just as important, porcelain naturally resists bacterial growth. It is a nonporous material that doesn’t easily grow any major microbes. That’s why porcelain is used in places that need high bacterial resistance, like sinks or toilets.

Porcelain also provides an aesthetic advantage. Its natural color is already close to that of teeth, making it nearly invisible. On top of that, your dental provider can adjust the color of the porcelain filling as needed, making for a perfect match.

Beyond that, porcelain is durable and hard. It’s hard enough to keep up with your natural enamel. On top of all of that, porcelain doesn’t contract and expand from temperature changes nearly as much as metal fillings do, providing just one more clear advantage.

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